Welcome to ShadowVote

ShadowVote’s Presidential Poll with a full report by St Pete Polls.
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ShadowVote has the goal of being a democracy improvement system.  We need the participation of a lot of voters to make the endeavor worth while. We have plenty of ideas and a few basic tools implemented but could really use development help or funding.

Plan is to implement open civic platform for all to use regardless of party or views.

1. At the very least we want to make sure everyone’s public records are accurate, so we email a link to a copy of your records.
2. We want to create an email digest so users can subscribe and unsubscribe from specific people, or causes.
3. We want to make it easy and free for new candidates to communicate with the voters in the district their competing in.
4. We want to push for debates with more than just the two major party candidates.
5. Lots more, we invite you to join us and take part in our development.

Here is a quick 2 minute video on the universal email digest.

By November 8th 2016 about one out of six active voters will have an email address in the public records of the state associated with their voter file. These should be put to good use in a uniform way to give all candidates an equal chance to communicate with the voter. That is one of the goals of our universal email digest.

Inquires: shadowvote at Gmail.com, 727 755 4116

by Leonard Schmiege