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Click here for the experimental petition builder (alpha testing). (chrome browsers only)

ShadowVote petition (self) builder tool is ready for alpha testing. Please use a chrome webbrowser when using the link above. You may build a self mailer petition packet containing petitions from mulitple initiative sponsors. Or, you may order petition packets directly from us. We will mail the paper petition forms to your house already filled out with your name and address printed into the forms and with a return envelope. Simply send us an email with your full name and address to or call and leave your information in a message at 727 470 2078. Once you receive your packet it will include the return address which is: ShadowVote- Petition Processing Center, 3024 25Th Ave N, ST Petersburg FL 33713. If you wish to order bulk quantities with return postage included to be delivered to many different locations simply send a spreadsheet by email and we will call back with your price after processing your data.